The Latest Update: November 2021

  • 19 November 2021

The latest Credit Karma update includes a number of gameplay fixes and new features. Most notably, the Credit Karma team has fixed the issue with the card-game's audio not playing when a player's device is set to silent mode. Additionally, the team has resolved an issue where players were not able to use the "Enter" key to confirm a purchase in the in-game store.

Also, the team has fixed a bug where a player would be unable to progress beyond the tutorial area. The team has also resolved an issue where players were able to view other players' scores and daily challenges in the leaderboard.

Credit Karma, the company that helps you monitor and maintain your credit score, has just released a new update that will change the way you play the game. The new update brings a new set of levels to the game and lets you earn more points by completing levels with a perfect 3 stars on them. The new levels include new upgrades and new characters as well as new enemies and obstacles to avoid. The new update also brings some new features such as a new high score, which is the highest score accumulated by the player in a single play session.

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